100+ Bridal Shower Wishes, Messages & Quotes

Bridal Shower Wishes: A bridal shower is all about showing love, happiness and good luck to the bride before her wedding. You may plan an awesome party for the bride. But it is also important to say nice things to her. This will make her feel special.

Do you need words to write on a bridal shower card? We have many good examples of things to write. It does not matter if the bride is your friend, daughter, sister or someone you just know. We have messages for different people. The words will bless the bride and make her shower very nice. Read our examples to get ideas for what to write in the card.

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Bridal Shower Wishes for Your Daughter

  1. To our darling daughter on the eve of her wedding, may your day be bright with joy, love and endless blessings. Congratulations on this happy chapter!
  2. Sweet girl, you’ve brought us years of pride and smiles. Now as your big day nears, we wish you every happiness life may hold. Congratulations darling!
  3. From your very first breath you filled our hearts with glee. Now as you start your journey anew, know you’ll ever be our treasure, our brightest gem, our fairy queen! Congratulations sweeting!
  4. Our princess, you’ve made this kingdom ring with songs of laughter. Now go make sweet serenades of love with your prince in your castle – you’ll reign there ever after! Congratulations our darling girl!
  5. Blink and the moments flew by – now our petite is grown with such grace. Take flight my dove to your nest of joy – we’re so proud and wish you every amazing thing! Congratulations dear daughter!
  6. Mirror mirror you’ve made this world bright – now your light will radiate new paradise! Spread your wings my angel, your love’s coming glow! All the stars in your eyes we wish as you go – congratulations sweet pea!
  7. Little feet that danced upon our hearts, our daughter so dear – you’ve brought us such delight through all your little years! Now a woman so fair we wish you much cheer – congratulations flower, go shine without fear!
  8. Princess of our souls, you’ve woven magic here – now we wish it tenfold in your new life so sweet! Congratulations darling on your blessed destiny – you’ll always our number one girl and queen bee!
  9. Mischief and smile like sunshine you’ve been – now we gladly send you off to your own sunny scene! Congratulations bug, go spread your cheer – you’ll ever be our baby, our treasure most dear!
  10. Our baby bean you’ve made us laugh and beam – now as you start a family, we couldn’t be more gleeful! Congratulations sweets, all the best to you – we’ll cheer your happiness for lifetimes anew!
  11. Sweet pea throughout each moment you’ve brought us such glee – now we send wishes for each joy life holds in fee! Congratulations lovey, the best is yet to be – you’ll always have our hearts, forever and always see!
  12. Girl of our souls, you brighten our days – now we wish your future filled with happy days! Congratulations darling on your new phase – we’re here cheering always your triumphantways!
  13. Laughter and light is what you brought to our days – now go make sweet merriment in new awesome ways! Congratulations dollface, we’re wildly elated – our girl is a woman, and we’re so gracious fated!
  14. Rays of our sun, the gleam in our eyes – now you’ll illuminate fresh paradise! Congratulations gem, you’re lovely and bright – go keep on outshining, you’re stunning our sight!
  15. Bunny of love is what you’ve been – now go forth to fresh meadows with your cherished men! Congratulations sugarplum, the best is ahead – you’ve always our baby bun, sweetest in bed!
  16. Pumpkin with sparkles you’ve brought us great joy – now your radiance will new kingdoms employ! Congratulations doll baby, you’re heaven-sent down – go forth my princess, wear sparkliest crown!
  17. Sweet tater tot you’ve fueled family fun – now your purpose is love, when fresh starts are won! Congratulations cutie, we wish the very best – go shine always darling, you’re worthy and blessed!
  18. Bean sprout of dreams who makes our days shine – now your new garden awaits, it’s bloom-time, it’s prime! Congratulations darling, happiest times await – you’ve always our baby, in love and elate!
  19. Doodlebug darling who brought mirth without end – now as life sweet turns, know we’re your biggest fans! Congratulations sweets, go love and never end – our support is constant, you’re family and friend!
  20. Dearest star bright who lights our entire sky – now in fresh cosmos your radiance will fly! Congratulations precious, our prayers flew with thee – you’re heaven-sent down, for eternity!
  21. Baby boo full of snuggly love – now sweet tummy laughs will new worlds move! Congratulations cutie, you deserve every joy – our ray of sunshine, forever our coy!

Bridal Shower Wishes for Sister in Law

  1. 💕 Soon you’ll be family officially, sis! So many congrats on your upcoming nuptials. Wishing you a wonderful bridal shower filled with love. 🥂
  2. 🥰 Can’t wait to celebrate your special day, sis! All the best wishes for a shower filled with fun, pampering and lots of gifts for your new journey. 🎁
  3. 💍 Congrats on your engagement sis! May your shower be showered with blessings and dreams for your new chapter. So glad you’ll be joining our fam. 🤗
  4. 😘 Sending big hugs and congrats, sis! Hoping your shower is everything you’ve imagined and more. You deserve the world – yay for another strong woman in the fam. 💪
  5. 🥰 Wishing you so much joy, sis! Your shower will surely be lit 🔥 Hope you feel extra loved and ready to take on married bliss. 💑
  6. 💞 Congratulations on your engagement sis! Your shower will celebrate your light and soon come wedding day. So blessed to add another awesome sis to the fam. 🌟
  7. 🥳 Cheers to you and your LOVE, sis! May your shower overflow with fun, gifts and laughs as we cheer your new life as a wifey. 💕
  8. 💖 Lots of love and happiness coming your way, sis! Your shower will be your special time to shine before “I dos”. So pumped to welcome you to the fam officially! 💍
  9. 💝 Congrats on the engagement! Your shower will shower you in joy before the nuptials. The fam keeps getting better with you in it – another wonderful woman to adore. 🥰
  10. 💞 Celebrating you and your love, sis! May your shower be filled with goodies and cheer for your amazing journey ahead. We love you – welcome officially to the mad fam soon! 🥂
  11. 🥰 Huge congrats sis! Wishing your shower is everything you dreamed – a chance for fam to celebrate your new adventure. Our fam is lucky to gain you – yay for your new journey! 💕
  12. 🥳 Cheers to you and your man, sis! May your shower overflow with fun, gifts, joy before your big I do’s. So blessed to have you in our loud and crazy fam. 🥂

Bridal Shower Wishes for Niece

  1. Niece of mine, you fill our hearts with glee 🙂 Congratulations on your engagement! Hoping your shower is a blast ^_^
  2. Can’t wait to celebrate your special day niece! (: Sending wishes for a shower full of fun, pampering and gifts galore. throws confetti
  3. Congrats on the engagement niece! (>u<) Your shower will be showered with blessings and dreams. So happy you found your prince <3
  4. Niece of mine you’ll always be our treasured one (^-)b Wishing you so much joy at your shower! Hugs and congrats (^^)
  5. Celebrating you and your love niece! (>▽<) Your shower will surely be lit! Hope you feel extra loved Σ>―(〃°ω°〃)
  6. Congratulations sweet niece! (>人<) Wishing your shower overflows with fun, gifts and laughs as we cheer your new life! (・ω<)☆
  7. Lots of happiness coming your way niece! (^ω^) Your shower will shower you in joy before your big day! (^o^)/
  8. Wishing you bliss and goodies galore at your shower niece! (ΘεΘ) Enjoy your special time to shine before the I dos! 。◕‿◕。
  9. Niece of ours your friendship we adore (◔‿◔) Your shower will be everything you dreamed of we’re sure! ◟( Δ )◞
  10. Congrats and best wishes to our dear niece! (^人^) Your shower will celebrate your light before you walk down the aisle! ❤(ӦvӦ●)
  11. Cheering for you and your love at your shower niece! (☆▽☆) May your day overflow with smiles as we celebrate your big news! (^o^)/

Bride-to-Be Wishes for Friend

  1. 💗 All the love and blessings for your special day, dear friend! As your big day nears, know I’m sending rainbows of joy. Congratulations bride-to-be! 😘
  2. 🥰 No one deserves this kind of happiness more than you, friend! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. I’m so excited to celebrate your love. 💕
  3. 💞 Wishing you a lifetime of wonderful memories as husband and wife, my friend. Congratulations on this final step to forever – your day will be magical! 🥂
  4. 😍 Celebrating your pure elation, friend! This journey you’re starting is meant only for your extraordinary self. Congratulations bride-to-be, you’ll be stunning. 👰‍♀️
  5. 💞 Friend, you’re about to enter the best experience – congrats! May your wedding day be filled with good love, intimacy and fabulous photos forever. 🤵‍♂️👰‍♀️
  6. 🥰 I’m so overjoyed for your happiness, darling! Congratulations on tying the knot soon. May your union bless the world with double your beautiful self. 💍
  7. 😭 Tears of joy, friend! Congrats on marrying your greatest person. Your day will be a dream – can’t wait to see your smiles as wifey glow. 💕
  8. 💓 All the blessings and love, my wonderful friend! Congratulations on finding your soulmate. Your wedding will be everyone’s favorite movie. 🥂
  9. 💕 My best friend is getting married! Congrats darling, you deserve the very best. May you laugh through every blessing of marriage. 🥳
  10. 🥳 Cheers to you and your love, friend! Congratulations on starting this new and beautiful journey. Wishing you boundless intimacy and joy always. 💕
  11. 💝 I’m swelling with warmth for your happiness, darling! Congratulations on your future wedding vibes. May your marriage be blessed with partnership always. 💞
  12. 🥰 No two people deserve loving bliss more than you! Congratulations, sweet friend – your big day will beam magnificence. 💕
  13. 💗 My dear buddy is marrying her soulmate – I’m thrilled for you! Congratulations darling on your final steps to forever. May true love overflow. 🥳
  14. 💖 Friend, you’re about to experience life’s most grand adventure! Huge congrats – wishing your wedding be spectacular love always. 🥂

Bridal Shower Wishes for Cousin

  1. 🥳 Congrats cuz! Your shower will be sparkling with blessings and love. So excited to celebrate your new chapter with our fam. ✨
  2. 💕 Can’t wait for your special day, cousin dear! Wishing your shower is fabulous and gives you all the feels. You’ll be a gorgeous bride, yay! 🥰
  3. 🥂 Cheers to this amazing time, cuz! May your shower overflow with joy, pampering and sweet gifts. We love you – welcome to married bliss! 🥰
  4. 💝 Cousin of mine, your light always shone so bright. Congrats darling, now your bridal shower dreams take flight! 💕
  5. 💖 Celebrating you and your love, cuz! Hoping your shower is all the magic and fun before your I dos. You deserve the world 🌎
  6. 🎉 Wishing you so much happiness cuz! Your shower will be your special time to sparkle before you wed your soulmate. 🥰
  7. 💞 Congrats lovely lady! Your shower will celebrate all that makes you extraordinary. So glad you joined our crazy fam’s circle of love 🥂
  8. 💞 Cousin of ours, your smile lights up the skies. Shower you in joy before your special days arrive! 💝
  9. 🥳 Cheers darling cuz! Your shower will flow with fun as we officially welcome you to married bliss. All our love and congrats 🥰
  10. 🥰 Big squeeze and blessings, wonderful cuz! May your shower be a complete dream before your sweet I do’s. We love you always! 💕

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Cute Bridal Shower Sayings

  1. The bride gets all the gifts! 😉🎁
  2. Pamper the bride! 💆‍♀️🥂
  3. Smile it’s bridal shower time! 😁
  4. Don’t forget to wished shower the bride with love! 💕
  5. Let the bridal fun begin! 🎊👰
  6. Shower the bride in bubbles and love! 🛁💗
  7. Share the love and squeals of the bride! 🥰
  8. Treat the bride like the queen she is! 👸
  9. Drink pink and laugh with the bride! 😄🥂
  10. Spread joy to our bride on her special day! 💐
  11. We’re showered with love for the bride! 💝
  12. Celebrate the bride’s last days of freedom! 👰‍♀️🥳
  13. Party it up for our bride! 🎉👰
  14. Showering our bride with so much bliss! ✨
  15. Share the giggles with the bride to be! 😂
  16. Shower your love on the bride all day! 💕

Funny Bridal Shower Wishes

  1. Enjoy your last party as a single lady! 🥂😜
  2. Don’t drop the soap at the bachelorette party! 🧼😂
  3. Bottoms up before you become a missus! 🍾👰‍♀️
  4. Throw back a few for practice wifey nights! 🍷🚫
  5. Drink up before you hit the ball and chain! 🥃⛓
  6. Party like a rockstar before you trade it in! 🎸⚡️
  7. Live it up now – married life awaits! 🥳🎉
  8. Drink pink and dance wild – it’s your last chance! 💗🕺
  9. Sip bubbly before you become properly! 🍾👰‍♀️
  10. Get your crazy out now before you say I do! 🤪👰‍♀️
  11. Let loose before you become someone’s honey! 🐝😜
  12. Have fun now before you’re put to bed early! 😴🛌

Religious Bridal Shower Wishes

  1. May God bless your union with love, joy, and unwavering faith. Wishing you a beautiful journey ahead as you start this new chapter together.
  2. Sending prayers and blessings your way as you prepare for your wedding day. May your marriage be filled with God’s love and grace.
  3. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! May your life together be a reflection of God’s love and filled with His blessings.
  4. Wishing you a bridal shower filled with joy and love. May God’s hand guide you and your partner in every step of your journey together.
  5. As you celebrate your bridal shower, may you feel the warmth of God’s love surrounding you. Wishing you a marriage filled with faith, hope, and everlasting love.
  6. Praying for abundant blessings on your bridal shower and upcoming wedding. May your marriage be a testament to God’s goodness and love.
  7. May the Lord bless you both as you unite in marriage. Wishing you a bridal shower filled with love, joy, and the presence of God.
  8. Congratulations on your engagement! May your bridal shower be a celebration of God’s blessings and the love you share.
  9. Wishing you a beautiful bridal shower and a blessed marriage. May your home be filled with the love and peace of Christ.
  10. May God’s love be the foundation of your marriage. Wishing you joy, love, and blessings as you celebrate your bridal shower.
  11. Sending you prayers and blessings on your bridal shower. May your marriage be filled with God’s light and love, guiding you in every step of your life together.

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Messages to Write in a Bridal Shower Card

  1. Wishing you a lifetime of love, happiness and countless wonderful memories as a married couple.
  2. May your marriage be filled with joy, laughter and all the magic of a fairytale come true.
  3. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. I’m so happy for you both as you start this amazing journey together.
  4. Sending wishes for a shower full of fun, a wedding filled with smiles, and a marriage blessed with love.
  5. Wishing you years of wedding anniversaries filled with love, gratitude and surprise kisses from your spouse.
  6. May all your dreams for your future together come true. Enjoy every moment of your bridal celebrations!
  7. Wishing you a home full of warmth, comfort and everlasting love. Congratulations on your happily ever after.
  8. May your marriage be as beautiful and enduring as true love. Wishing you a lifetime of joy together.
  9. Congratulations on your engagement! I’m so excited for you both as you plan your wedding celebrations.
  10. Sending best wishes for a happy, healthy and long married life together filled with beautiful memories.
  11. Wishing you many years of companionship, trust and pure bliss as husband and wife.
  12. May your marriage be blessed with abundance, prosperity and happiness for years to come.
  13. Wishing you smooth sailing for every step of the wedding planning process and beyond.
  14. Wishing you both a future as bright as your love and smiles. Congratulations to the beautiful bride!
  15. Cheers to your happily ever after! May all your bridal shower dreams come true.

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