100+ Best Wishes for Travelling Abroad

Best Wishes for Travelling Abroad: Traveling to new places is exciting because you never know what will happen! However, this unpredictable nature also means safety risks. To have a good trip, it’s important to prepare well but also rely on good luck.

Preparing takes about 40% of the effort, while luck accounts for the remaining 60%. Since luck plays such a big role, it’s always a nice gesture to wish safe travels for someone before they depart.

If your spouse, partner, family, friend or coworker is going on a trip, make sure to send your best hopes for an enjoyable and incident-free journey. Below are some safe journey wishes you can choose from to send them off with positive vibes!

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Best Wishes for Travelling Abroad

  1. Wishing you safe travels and an unforgettable experience exploring new places. Bon voyage!
  2. May your international trip be filled with cultural encounters, memorable adventures and breathtaking sights. Enjoy your travels!
  3. Traveling is the best way to learn about the world and its people. Have a great time making discoveries and creating lasting memories.
  4. Pack your curiosity as you pack your bags – it will lead to extraordinary experiences. Have a wonderful trip abroad!
  5. Get ready for an experience of a lifetime! May your journey ignite your sense of wonder. Come back with wonderful tales.
  6. Wishing you smooth travels, good luck, beautiful scenery and warm exchanges with locals along the way. Have fun discovering!
  7. Adventure awaits you beyond borders! Go with an open mind and heart – amazing things are sure to come your way.
  8. May you come across interesting people, tasty food and picture perfect backdrops. Bon voyage and happy travels!
  9. Explore extraordinary places, cherish unique moments. Travel safe, keep grinning from ear to ear.
  10. Go see amazing sights, soak in new cultures. Most of all, come back with your eyes sparkling like never before.
  11. May this trip feed your curiosity and fill your heart with joy. Safe travels as you broaden your horizons!
  12. Have a wonderful time making memories in faraway lands. Come back refreshed with tales of your adventures abroad.
  13. Wishing you safe flights, comfortable stays and hospitable people to meet on your international travels. Enjoy!
  14. Take walks with wonder down roads less traveled. May your journey deliver delights you’ll recount for years to come.
  15. Go forth with an open mind, take it all in. Bon voyage – safe, happy and unforgettable travels to you!
  16. May your trip satisfy your spirit of adventure. Travel safe, keep smiling – can’t wait to hear about your escapades!
  17. Have a magnificent time exploring new cultures. Come back rejuvenated with your sense of wanderlust enriched.
  18. Wishing you smooth travels and encounters that warm your heart. Go in good cheer and return safe with sparkling memories.
  19. May your journey nurture your inner nomad. Happy meandering – bon appétit, buen viaje, wunderbar or however you say ‘safe travels’ out there!

Happy Journey Wishes for Best Friend

  1. Wishing you an adventure full of great memories and stories to share💕 Safe travels my friend! 🚌
  2. May your travels lead you to beautiful places and warmhearted people 🛳 Have fun exploring and travel safe! 🤗
  3. Chase every sunbeam and taste every flavor your journey brings💛 Bon voyage my friend, see you with smile wider 🚙
  4. May your trip nourish your soul and fulfill your wonderings 🌎 Travel safe and let the magic begin! 🪄
  5. Sending you wishes of clear skies, smooth roads and cozy nights 🌙 Safe travels and don’t forget to get yourself something nice! 🛫
  6. May your journey lead you to joyful discoveries and safe returns💖 Wander well and update me with all your tales! 📲
  7. Go with an open heart and mind, wonderful adventures await! 🧭 Safe travels and can’t to see your bright smile again. 🚗
  8. Wishing sunshine and wonder on your way, safe travels and bon apetit! 🌞 Don’t forget to send pics of all the best views 📷
  9. Travel safe and keep your head in the clouds, wishing you smooth sailing adventures! 🛳 Bon voyage and we’ll Skype soon! 👋
  10. May your travels feed your wonder and fill your days with cheer 🛣 Safe travels friend, can’t wait for our next adventure! 🚙
  11. Wishing you safe travels and experiences to last a lifetime 🚌 Travel light and full of wonder, see you back home soon! ✈️
  12. Go with grace and keep grinning ear to ear, safe travels and see you when you return 😁 Drink in every moment and remember I’m cheering you on! 👯‍♀️
  13. May your journey stir your soul and end with safe returns 🗺 Safe travels through every wonders that awaits you along the way! 🚍
  14. Wishing smooth seas and skies on your trip! 🛳 Travel safe and make memories to last, we’ll toast your adventure soon! 🥂
  15. Bon voyage! May your adventure spark joy and wonder till we meet again 🛳 Safe travels and don’t forget our next road trip plans!🚗
  16. Sending you wishes of safe travels and discovering smiles to last a lifetime 😊 Have an amazing trip! Can’t wait to hear all about it! 🚌

Happy Journey Wishes in English

  1. 🧳 Wishing you a memorable journey filled with wonderful experiences. Have a safe trip!
  2. ✈️ May this journey take your spirit to new heights. Bon voyage and happy travels! 🛫
  3. 🌎 Go soak up the beauty and magic of the world. Wishing you an unforgettable adventure. 🌍
  4. 🚅 Sit back, relax and enjoy the scenic views. Have a wonderful time!
  5. 🌇 I hope this trip brings you joy and lasting memories. Safe travels! 🌅
  6. 🧭 Follow your curiosity and dreams without any limits. Enjoy every moment! 🗺
  7. 🌠 Shine bright like the twinkling stars. Wishing you a rejuvenating journey. 🌃
  8. 🚌 Choo choo, all aboard the fun train! Sending wishes for an amazing trip. 🚂
  9. 🌌 May this journey ignite your spirit of wanderlust. Have an incredible time!
  10. ☀️ Go soak up the sun and fun. Sending warm thoughts for a happy voyage. 🌊
  11. 🌏 Follow your passion and let adventure lead the way. Bon voyage!
  12. 🛬 Come back joyful and re-energized after this wonderful trip. Happy travels! ✈️

Have a Safe Journey Wishes

  1. 🧭 May lucky stars guide your way as you travel to new horizons. Stay safe! 🍀
  2. 🌬 May gentle winds blessings carry you smoothly to joyous discoveries. Be well! 💨
  3. 🌇 Wonders surely await beyond the next sunrise. Journey with care to welcoming shores. 🌅
  4. 🌏 By virtue may your feet safely transport you to life’s hidden treasures. Mind the path! 🌍
  5. ✈️ May wings carry you lightly and eyes see life’sdelights. Soar while heeding heaven’s map, free bird! 🦅
  6. 🛳 As waves before your prow part, may your adventurer’s spirit find ports awaiting. Navigate safely! 🚤
  7. 🚂 Chug onwards towards life’s bright horizons, but take care at crossings dear voyager! Safe tracks to you. 🚉
  8. 🛺 Bon voyage explorer! May dips and turns along Discovery’s trail reveal safe havens uncharted. Respect signs, arrive! 🧭
  9. 🌄 Greet each dawn with hope that daylight hours may unveil safe harbors unforeseen. Regard trails, reach far! 🌞
  10. 🌇 May vistas prove as nourishing to spirit as travel proves to soles. Footwear and footsteps, take care! 🌕
  11. 🧳Load curio well and light, bones and minds travel farthest. Unpack memories, not mistakes! 🧳
  12. 🗺 As compass points you starward, let experience chart the wisest routes. You’ve got this – watch and wander well! 🔭
  13. ✈️ Dreams take wing on hummingbird hope and archangel watch; but life sustains by heeding signs. Fly, but fly attentive! 🦋

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Safe Journey Wishes for Friend

  1. ✈️ Wishing you a safe flight and an amazing adventure ahead, my friend! Can’t wait to hear all about it. 🛫
  2. 🚗 Drive safely and enjoy every moment of your trip! Bon voyage, buddy! 🚙
  3. 🌍 May your journey be filled with exciting experiences and safe travels. See you soon! 🌎
  4. 🧳 Safe travels, my friend! Pack your bags with joy and return with unforgettable memories. 🧳
  5. 🚂 All aboard for a safe and thrilling journey! Have a great time exploring new places. 🚃
  6. 🛳 Bon voyage! May the seas be calm and your journey smooth. Safe travels, mate! 🌊
  7. ✈️ Fly high and reach new heights, my friend. Have a safe and wonderful trip! ✈️
  8. 🌄 Wishing you safe travels and breathtaking views on your journey. Come back with stories to share! 🌅
  9. 🚙 Buckle up and enjoy the ride! Have a safe and fantastic journey, my friend. 🚗
  10. 🌌 May your travels be as amazing as the starry skies. Safe journey, buddy! 🌠
  11. 🧭 Navigate safely and enjoy every moment of your adventure. Bon voyage, my friend! 🗺️
  12. 🚂 Safe travels to you, my friend! May every mile bring you joy and new experiences. 🚅
  13. 🛬 Wishing you a safe landing and a wonderful time exploring. Happy travels! ✈️
  14. 🌴 Have an incredible trip, my friend! Stay safe and soak up all the sun and fun. 🏝️

Congratulations for Your New Journey of Life

  1. Wishing you all the very best in this exciting new chapter. May it be filled with learning, growth and wonderful experiences. You’ve got this!
  2. So proud of you for taking this leap of faith. Congratulations on starting a new adventure – I know your huge potential will lead you to great places.
  3. How inspiring to see you spread your wings and go discover what else this beautiful world has to offer. Congratulations on saying yes to your next journey!
  4. Each new beginning holds opportunities to bloom into an even better, brighter version of yourself. Congratulations on this chance to nurture your happiness.
  5. You were born for extraordinary things – congratulations on answering your calling with courage. Go live your best life!
  6. Trusting in yourself to write the next thrilling pages – that’s worthy of celebration. Congratulations on embarking on this voyage of self-discovery.
  7. Here’s to new chapters with untold adventures awaiting your pen. Congratulations on taking the exciting plunge into mystery!
  8. Your light will guide you well on this new road. Congratulations and know that wherever it may lead, you’ve got this.
  9. Congratulations on stepping into your power to create each day as you wish. What a thrill to see your journey unfold!
  10. One step at a time, follow your heart. Congratulations on marching bravely to its calling with faith in your dreams.
  11. Bigger risks often yield life’s sweetest rewards. Congratulations on chasing what feeds your soul on this new quest.
  12. Congratulations! This bold step means exciting possibilities ahead. Go fly, be free and love every minuter of discovering your magnificence.
  13. Congratulations on believing in yourself enough to seek a bolder horizon. Wishing you every opportunity to fully shine.
  14. Every journey begins with one foot forward in faith. Congratulations on leading courageously with your visions – you’ve got wonder awaiting!
  15. Your light will illuminate where you walk. Congratulations on paving original paths that unleash your true potential!

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Safe and Happy Journey Wishes for My Love

  1. May the road rise up to meet you, my dear. I’ll be sending happy thoughts your way every mile – journey safely and experience much joy.
  2. Wishing you smooth sailing and dazzling scenery on your travels, sweetheart. Adventures await but please take care – you’ve got this and I’ll be missing your smile.
  3. Go ride the winds of wonder as they call you, my love. New places will nourish your soul if you mind each step and moment. Safe travels!
  4. Untrodden trails may seem mysterious but your light will guide you, darling. Journey forth bravely yet cautiously – we’ll trade happy stories upon your sweet return.
  5. Magic surely awaits just out of sight, beloved. Yet heed each sign and cross roads carefully – safe travels as you spread your wings to delight.
  6. Your curiosity and spirit lift my heart. Yet tend each bend in the path gently, my dear – safe travels as you follow fascinating maps.
  7. Trust your journey will match the joy in your eyes, my love. But respect each wonder cautiously revealed – I’ll be waiting with hugs when again we meet.
  8. This vivid world holds so much to discover, my dear heart. Journey forth boldly yet carefully – can’t wait to hear tales of your safe adventures!
  9. May adventures find you on roads hopefully taken, my darling. Yet wander wisely as you seek nature’s gifts – know I’m with you in spirit on your worthwhile travels.
  10. May wonderlands await where your footsteps patiently lead, beloved. Yet walk guarded as mysterious paths unfold – safe travels darling, you’ve got this with your soul’s light!
  11. Sail smoothly towards curiosity’s sweet horizons my dear – yet heed each friendly wave and star carefully. I’ll be dreaming of your discoveries and happy return!

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