100+ Bon Voyage Wishes, Messages and Quotes

Bon Voyage Wishes: Taking trips with family and friends is an important part of life. For people who work, it is very important to take some time to relax and get their energy back. We all need breaks sometimes to recharge ourselves. When we hear that someone we care about like a friend, brother, sister, husband/wife or coworker is going on a trip to enjoy themselves, we should send them messages to encourage them to enjoy their journey. Here are some nice messages you can send to wish someone bon voyage and motivate them to take their trip.

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Bon Voyage Wishes to My Love

  1. 💌 Have the most wonderful trip, my love! Bon voyage and safe travels. Can’t wait to hear all about your adventures when you return. 😘
  2. 🧳 Bon voyage, darling! Go forth and create magical memories. I’ll be missing you but can’t wait to snuggle and trade stories. 🥰
  3. 🚆 Choo choo, off you go my dear! Bon voyage – have an amazing time. I’ll be daydreaming of you amongst the sights. Be safe! 🚂❤️
  4. ✈️ Bon voyage sweetheart! May your travels bring joy, fun, and totally awestruck moments. I’ll be counting down the days till your return. 💕
  5. 🌎 Bon voyage darling! Go soak up every second, fall deeper in love with the world. I’ll hold your place in my heart – see you soon! 🥰
  6. 🌇 Bon voyage to my love! Each moment away will seem like an eternity, but your adventures will fill my heart with glee. 💝
  7. 🛫 Fly safe and have wonders, my dear! Bon voyage – can’t wait to see your smiling face and hear your tales. 🧁
  8. 🌠 Shine as bright as the stars wherever you wander, my love! Bon voyage – come home with beautiful memories. 💕
  9. 🌏 This big beautiful world awaits discovery, my dear. Bon voyage and loving thoughts will be with you! 💖
  10. 🌍 Go see amazing sights in this spectacular world, my love. Bon voyage and come home with your spirit nourished. 💞
  11. 🌙 May your journey sparkle with magic, darling! Bon voyage – know my love travels with you always. 💝
  12. 🛬 Follow your curiosity wherever is calls you, dear one. Bon voyage – I’m right here wishing you wonder. 💘
  13. 🧭 Follow your heart on this voyage of discovery, my love! Bon voyage and safe travels, darling. ❤️
  14. 🚂 Choo choo, off with you my dear! Bon voyage – dreams and smiles keep you company. 🚆❣️
  15. 🛵 Cruise safe, explore fearlessly my adventurer! Bon voyage and may joy steer your way, darling. 🛺
  16. 🚙 Motor along safely on your journey, lovebug! Bon voyage – each moment gone will bring us closer. 🚐
  17. 🛫 Fly high, see far, return with your soul nourished, love of mine! Bon voyage – you’re in my heart always. ✈️
  18. 🚁 Soar high, float free my dove! Bon voyage and fair winds, darling – come back to my waiting arms soon. 🕊
  19. 🌬 May breezes kiss your cheeks gently wherever you roam! Bon voyage sweet pea, follow wherever adventures calls. 🌸
  20. 🌌 May your inner light guide you on magic-filled travels, my sun! Bon voyage darling, oodles of love accompanying you. 🌞
  21. 🚢 May ocean waves and sea chants carry you smoothly, baby! Bon voyage – warm thoughts see you safely home very soon. 🛳️

Bon Voyage Message to a Friend

  1. 🚙 Safe travels friend! Bon voyage – can’t wait to hear all about your adventures when you’re back. Have fun! 🚗
  2. ✈️ Bon voyage buddy! May your journey be filled with joy, excitement and awesome discoveries. Travel safely and Godspeed! 🛫
  3. 🚂 All aboard the fun train! Bon voyage friend – exploring new places will be mega. Have an epic time and take loads of pics to share. 🚃
  4. 🌎 Go soak up the beauty of the world, pal! Bon voyage – you deserve wanderlust mode. Sending best wishes for an unforgettable trip. 🌍
  5. 🌇 May your travels take you to magnificent vistas, amigo. Bon voyage and happy exploring – see you when you return with smiles! 🌅
  6. 🛳 Bon voyage matey! Smooth sailing to ye – wave hi to strange places for me. Hope ye has a whale of time! 🏝️
  7. 🧭 Follow your sense of adventure wherever it takes you! Bon voyage and safe travels buddy – DM me all the cool stuff. 🗺️
  8. 🛬 Fly far and return with wings spread further, fren! Bon voyage – this world awaits your discovery. Travel well! ✈️
  9. 🌌 May your inner light guide you on magic-filled trips, compadre! Bon voyage – we’ll yak about magical moments soon. 🌄
  10. 🌠 Safe travels out there, amigo! Bon voyage – remember, this life is an epic movie just waiting to unfold. 🎬
  11. 🚇 All aboard the feels train! Bon voyage pal, sending wishes for an unforgettable excursion. Come back changed for good! 🚅
  12. 🌴 Cayo, vaya con dios my friend! Bon voyage – so envious, travel mucho and shine bright wherever you roam. 🏝️
  13. 🎒 Packed and ready to discover, bro? Nice! Bon voyage – go see magic and come back lit. Safe travels! 🧳
  14. 🚩 May memories carry you as far as your feet, roomie! Bon voyage – all the best for your grand adventure. 🧭
  15. 🌎 Go get ’em slugger! Bon voyage – you’re gonna crush this trip. Feed your soul and bring me back a dish. 🥘
  16. 🚌 Choo choo, next stop wanderlust! Bon voyage darling, happy exploring. Text me all the deets – travel safe! 🚂
  17. 🌍 Bye for now travel twin! Bon voyage – our chats will hold you over till you’re back. Smooches! 💋

Bon Voyage Quotes for Family

  1. “Bon voyage on your adventures, family! May you find beauty in the unplanned moments and memories to last a lifetime. Travel safe and can’t wait to hear your epic stories.”
  2. “Wandering feet, take my family to your next thrilling destination. Bon voyage to your travels – bring back postcards and one of those funny souvenirs too! Have fun!”
  3. “The world awaits your discovery, explore to your hearts’ content! Bon voyage family, take long walks on beaches and climb to great heights. safe travels – see you soon with smiles!”
  4. “Go soak up diverse cultures and gorgeous vistas, fam bam! Bon voyage on your trip together – may each moment strengthen bonds forever. Enjoy your wonderful vacation!”
  5. “Good tidings and safe winds for your travels, family! Bon voyage – come home with that twinkle in your eyes that travel always brings. Have the best time.”
  6. “Adventure calls and I say answer it, family! Bon voyage – seek spectacular sunrises, chance encounters and stories to tell for years. Safe travels, beautiful souls.”
  7. “Wander freely and return home enriched, my family. Bon voyage – may memories wash over you like the waves. Hugs and see you later, alligators!”
  8. “Smiles and sunshine for your journey, guys. Bon voyage – take silly pictures, sing loud in the car and make each other laugh til it hurts! Have an amazing time!”
  9. “Magic lies around every mysterious corner, so stay curious family. Bon voyage – let your light shine for all you meet. Safe travels – fill your cups!”
  10. “Dance through life together, my dears. Bon voyage – nourish your souls with this time away making memories. Godspeed – see you with hugs soon!”
  11. “Our house feels empty without you wanderers! Bon voyage – keep following your bliss. We’ll be daydreaming of your happy adventures – journey safely!”

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Bon Voyage Messages for Him

  1. Wishing you safe travels and wonderful experiences. I’ll miss you 💔🧳✈️
  2. Have an amazing trip! I’ll be counting down the days until I see your smiling face again 😢📆🧳
  3. Bon voyage my love. This trip will be an adventure, but nowhere as great as the adventures we’ve shared. Come back to me soon 🚢🥰
  4. I’ll be thinking of you with each sunset, dreaming of when we’ll watch the sky light up together once more. Take care and bon voyage 🚢🌅😢
  5. The hardest part of any journey is saying goodbye, even if it’s just for a little while. I’ll see you when the time is right, mon amour. Safe travels! 🚙😭
  6. Wishing you smooth sailing on your trip. I’ll be right here waiting when you return. Have fun and bon voyage! 🚤😘
  7. Our next adventure together can’t come soon enough. For now, I hope you find wonder in all that you do. Bon voyage and all my love 🚤🌍💕
  8. As long as the sun sets in splendor and the stars dot the night, you’ll always have a piece of my heart with you. Happy travels 🚢🌅💖
  9. May your journey be filled with discovery and awe. And may every mile you go just be bringing you closer to home in my arms again. Bon voyage! 🚁🧭🏡
  10. The world awaits your feet. But remember – no matter how far you roam, you’ll always have a loving soul waiting to welcome you back. Safe travels ✈️😘
  11. Go live life to the fullest. Find magic in each sunset and in each moonrise, think of me. I’ll see you soon, my love. Bon voyage! 🚀 🌅 🌙
  12. Have an incredible trip! And please know that you take my heart with you wherever you go. I love you! 🧳💖
  13. I’ll be right here by your side in spirit as you set off on your grand adventure. Come back to me with loads of stories. Bon voyage! 🚢💕
  14. May serendipity surround you on your travels. Come back to me safely and with your brightest smile. I’ll be missing you! 🧳☀️😘

Have a Safe Journey and Take Care

  1. Wishing you smooth sailing on your travels. Remember – you’ve got this. Take care and happy exploring!
  2. Off on the next chapter – how exciting! Map out your journey with care, come back with even more wonder. Bon voyage!
  3. May patience and joy guide your way. You’re on an adventure; remember to stop and smell the sights. Safe travels, friend.
  4. Each step into the unknown holds promise. Walk steady and light; your return will be a gift. Wander well and take care.
  5. Your next footsteps will sing. Listen to their songs, let them carry you home in joy and peace. Travel kindly.
  6. Wonders wait on the road wind’s whisper. Hear its lessons; keep its care. Your spirit will shine from the seeing. Go well!
  7. The distance you step makes the heart grow fonder. Smile at each discovery; we’ll smile with you here. Have faith in your path.
  8. Dreams are doors left open for you. Step through with care, and care will keep your return. Bon voyage!
  9. May your days unfold like morning. Go forth in light and grace; come back in Light’s embrace. Safe travels, bright soul.
  10. Serendipity stirs on new roads. Tread lightly; find yourself reflecting. We’ll be here when the light returns you home. Wander well!

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Bon Voyage Message for Seaman Husband

  1. Wishing you smooth sailing on your journey my love 🚢🇧 ocean. Stay safe and come back to me soon 😘
  2. May the winds be gentle and tides be kind as you set sail 🌊💙 I’ll be waiting here for your return voyage 🚤🏡
  3. Another adventure awaits you out on the open sea 🌊🚣‍♂️ Come home with amazing stories and that handsome smile 🚢🥰
  4. Far horizons call you my sailor 🧭🌊 Sail steady and sure and this wife of yours will be dreaming of your journey 🚣‍♀️💭
  5. Smooth seas and clear skies to you love 🏴‍☠️⛵ Follow your compass true and it will lead you safely home to me 🧭🏡
  6. Bon voyage my darling sea captain 👨‍✈️🎖️ May Neptune’s winds and calms carry you to exotic ports and safe harbor 🚤🌍🇲
  7. Go sail the seven seas brave heart 🧭🌊 May your journey spark wonder and adventure but end where you belong – in my arms 🚣‍♀️❤️
  8. Anchors aweigh for new discovery 🚤🌊 This port will welcome you back after tales of sun and moon at sea are told 🧭🥰
  9. My heart sails with you always 💙 May fair winds and Following Seas carry you to exotic vistas and haven at home 🚢🏡
  10. Set your heading to far places 🌍 but your moorings ever stay in my keeping – come back to your safe harbor soon 🚣‍♂️🏡
  11. Smooth sailing out on the briny blue 🌊 Godspeed my captain love and may your stars shine bright to light your way home 🚢⭐️🏡
  12. Adventure calls you to open waters 🚣‍♂️ but know this seaport village will hail your vessel’s return with open arms 🚤💙🇳
  13. Go with grace across the waves 🌊 This lighthouse beacon awaits your sail back to calm waters and shelter 🚤🧭🏡
  14. Fair winds for fortunes and wonders await 🌎 but no horizon holds a gem more precious than the love here yearning your safe return 💙🏡
  15. Go now to work your wonder on the deep 🚣‍♂️ but come back to this waiting port to find your adventure and love undimmed in my eyes aloft! 🚤🧭🥰
  16. Sail away to your sailor’s calling 🚣‍♂️ and know each star that guides your way also watches over my prayers for your journey’s blessing and end 🚢⭐️🏡

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