57 Wedding Invitation Messages for Friends and Family

Wedding Invitation Messages: The time between getting engaged and your wedding day is very special but also busy. You want your close friends and family to know about your big day, but you can’t invite everyone. Sending a wedding announcement is a great way to share your news.

Even if some people can’t come to the wedding, they will still be happy you thought of them. A wedding announcement lets everyone know the important details like when and where you’ll get married. It’s a nice way to ask for their support even if they can’t attend.

Looking at some wedding announcement messages can give you ideas for your own. The bride, groom or parents can send an announcement. Browse through examples to find ones you like in your own words. This lets all your loved ones celebrate with you and feel part of your special day.

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Short Wedding Invitation Message

  1. We couldn’t imagine celebrating our big day without you there. Save the date! 🥳🗓
  2. It’s finally happening – we’re getting married! We hope you’ll join us to share in our joy. 💍👰‍♀️
  3. Our special day is coming up. Please join us as we exchange our vows and start this new chapter. 💑📖
  4. We’re excited to celebrate our love with all of our favorite people. Will you be there? 💑👫
  5. You are such an important part of our lives. We can’t wait to have you see us say “I do”! 👰‍♀️👰
  6. The countdown has begun! See you at the altar on [DATE]. 🤵👰‍♀️⏱
  7. Save the date! Our hearts will be full with you by our side 💌🗓
  8. Join us as we join together 💍👰‍♂️👰‍♀️
  9. No day would be complete without you! ❤️
  10. Join us in holy “matrimoji” 💏💍
  11. We’re getting hitched! Will you be our witness? 👰👰‍♂️💏
  12. Ring the bells – it’s wedding time! 🛎 💍
  13. You make our hearts smiles. Be there as they widen in miles ❤️👫
  14. Come celebrate our love story 💕👫
  15. Together forever starts with “I Do” – please be a part of it!👫📖
  16. Join us down the aisle – hearts over heels, all the while!👰👰‍♀️👫

Wedding Invitation Text Message for Friends

  1. Our big day is coming. Please RSVP – two love birds you’ll see 🕊🕊
  2. Witness the “I dos” and party with thrills 🥳 👰👰‍♂️
  3. You mean the world – now see it meant for two worlds 👐🌎
  4. Love is in the air, come be with us as we pair ❤️👨‍👩‍👦
  5. You’re the guests of honor, our hearts you’ve charmed – help us get married! 👰 💏
  6. The wedding bells will chime for you too💍 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨
  7. Join the celebration, witness our elation👰👰‍♂️ 🥳
  8. This love we share is love that’s true – celebrate with me and my 👨‍👩‍👦 🥂
  9. Our life together now starts anew – come be with us on our big day! 👩‍❤️‍👨 💒
  10. We’re tying the knot – will you please join our plot? 👰👰‍♂️ 🙏
  11. The day is nearing, our hearts overflow with cheer – hope to see you here! 🥳 💑

Wedding Invitation Text Message for Colleagues

  1. Hey [Name], hope you’re doing well! Wanted to formally invite you to our wedding on [Date]. It would mean so much to have our work fam there to celebrate with us. Can’t wait to party with you!
  2. [Name], you’re one of the colleagues who makes work awesome. We’d be honored if you could join us in celebrating our big day on [Date]. Formal invite to follow but save the date!
  3. Heyyyy [Name]! Drop what you’re doing on [Date] because the office’s favorite couple is tying the knot. You’re invited to come share in our special day. It won’t be the same without you!
  4. Yo [Name], just wanted to give you a personal heads up that Jenna and I are getting hitched on [Date]! Official invite on its way but marking the calendar now. Your presence would mean the world.
  5. Hey colleague, hope you’re doing well! Just a quick note to formally invite you to attend our wedding on [Date]. We can’t imagine celebrating without our wonderful coworker there too. See you then!
  6. [Name], the big day is coming – we’re getting married [Date]! We’d be honored if our amazing work BFF joined us. Fingers crossed you can make it to share in our special day.
  7. Heyyyy [Name]! You may have heard the good news..Jenna and I are tying the knot on [Date]! You’re so important to us, we hope you’ll be able to come celebrate. Official invite to follow – save the date!
  8. Hey [Name], wanted to extend a personal invite to our wedding on [Date]! As one of our favorite colleagues, we can’t wait to party the night away with you there. Please join the fun if you’re able!
  9. [Name], hope all is well with you! Just touching base that Mark and I are getting married [Date]. We’d love for our colleague family to be part of our special day. Hope you can join – invite on its way!
  10. Heyyyyy [Name]! You may have heard the big news – yours truly is getting hitched to Jenna on [Date]! As an awesome coworker, we wanted to formally invite you. Please save the date and join the party!

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Wedding Invitation Messages from Bride and Groom

  1. We’re getting married! 🤵👰‍♀️ Mark your calendars for [Date] as we exchange our vows. It would mean the world to have you celebrate with us – please save the date! 🥰
  2. The big day is almost here! 💍 Jennifer and I are tying the knot on [Date]. As dear friends, we hope you’ll join us in cutting the cake and hitting the dance floor. 🎂💃 Save the date – see you then!
  3. It’s the moment we’ve been waiting for – Sarah and I are finally getting hitted! 💍 Our special day is [Date] and we’d love for you to be part of it. Save the date to help us celebrate our love. 🥰
  4. Save the date – it’s almost wedding bells time for Lisa and I! 🫧 We’re getting married on [Date]. As friends, we hope you’ll be part of our special day. Can’t wait to have you at the party! 🥳
  5. The countdown is on – Melissa and I are exchanging our “I Do’s” on [Date]! 💍 As cherished friends, we hope you can join us in celebrating our love. Your presence would mean the world. 🥰
  6. Our big day is approaching – David and I are tying the knot [Date]! 💍 We hope you’ll save the date and help us commemorate our happy occasion. Looking forward to seeing you there! ❤️
  7. It’s time to reserve your date – Emily and I are getting hitched [Date]! 💍 As dear friends, we want you by our side on our special day. Save the date so you can witness the magic. 🫧
  8. Coming soon – Robert and I are walking down the aisle [Date]! 👰‍♂️ We want to share our special day with people who mean a lot. Please save the date so you can attend! 💕
  9. Wedding bells will be ringing for Greg and I on [Date] and we want you to hear them! 💍 Save the date to celebrate our love with us. Your presence would make it so perfect. 🥰
  10. Save the date – Stephanie and I are tying the knot [Date]! 💍 As dear friends, we hope you’ll join us in marking this new chapter. Formal invite to follow – please set aside the day. ❤️
  11. It’s almost time – Timothy and I are getting hitched [Date]! 💍 You’re important to us, please save the date to take part on our big wedding day. 🥰
  12. Big news! Michael and I have picked our wedding date – it’s [Date]! 👰‍♂️ As good friends, we hope you’ll be there to share the special moment. Save the date! 🥳
  13. Jamie and I are walking down the aisle on [Date]! 💍 Please save this date so you can celebrate our love with us. Your presence would mean so much. 🥰

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