69 Powerful Texts to Win Your Ex-Boyfriend Back

Texts to Win Your Ex-Boyfriend Back: Breaking up with someone you love hurts a lot. Loving them feels good. Sometimes things don’t work out though. But missing them makes you sad, and you want another chance. Telling them how you feel for real gives hope to get back together.

You can send caring texts to try and win your boyfriend back. Here are some nice things to say in a text to your ex when you miss him. Learn cute messages to let him know how you feel and that you want to try again.

Being honest about your feelings could help get your boyfriend back if that’s what you both want deep down. These message ideas give you a start to have that talk through text.

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Texts to Win Your Ex-Boyfriend Back

  1. 🙁 Missing you has made me realize how much you still mean to me. Can we please talk?
  2. 😔 I’ve been doing some thinking and I really want another chance to make us work. Are you open to trying again?
  3. 😞 I made a mistake letting you go. My feelings for you are still so strong. Do you think there’s any hope for us?
  4. 💔 No one makes me smile like you. Breaking up was the worst decision and I regret it everyday. Please take me back?
  5. 🥺 These past few weeks have been miserable without you. I know now we’re meant to be together. Give me another chance to prove it?
  6. 🥺 I miss your hugs, your kisses, everything about you. Is there any chance we could try to fix things between us?
  7. 😢 Realizing I lost you has been the hardest thing. You’re the love of my life – please take me back, I’ll do anything!
  8. 😞 You still own my heart completely. Breaking up was a huge mistake, I want you back in my life. Please talk to me?
  9. 🥺 Missing your cuddles is killing me. I was blind but now I see we’re supposed to be together forever. Give me one more chance?
  10. 😢 Looking through our old pictures has me crying because I miss you so much. Tell me it’s not too late to fix this…
  11. 🥺 I know now that losing you is not an option. We’re meant to be – give me another chance to show you how much I care
  12. 😔 My life feels empty without you. You’re the most amazing person and I was stupid to ever let you go. Take me back, please!
  13. 😞 Not being with you feels so wrong. I’m sorry for the pain I caused – can we please try to find our way back to each other?
  14. 🥺 Seeing other couples together kills me because I want that to be us. I miss you more than anything – give us one more try?
  15. 🥺 My love for you has only grown stronger since we split. I want you by my side for good this time. What do you say to trying again?
  16. 🥺 I know I messed up but if you give me another chance I’ll spend every day making you happy. Please take me back, I love you!
  17. 🥺 My whole world got brighter when I was with you. I’ll do whatever it takes to earn your forgiveness. Please give our love another shot!

Heart Touching Message for Ex Boyfriend

  1. 💔 I never stopped loving you. My feelings for you are still so strong.
  2. 🥺 You’re the only one who has always understood me. I miss that connection we had.
  3. 💔 Not a day goes by where you don’t cross my mind. I still care about you so much.
  4. 😔 Breaking up was the biggest mistake of my life because I lost my best friend.
  5. 😞 I realized no one will ever compare to you. We had something truly special.
  6. 😢 No one has ever made me feel as happy and loved as you did.
  7. 🥺 You were my perfect match and I took that for granted. I want you back in my life.
  8. 😔 You stole my heart from the first day we met and you still have it.
  9. 😞 You’re my soulmate and the love of my life. I’m sorry I screwed things up.

How to Get Your Ex Back Fast by Text Message

  1. I really value our friendship, even if things didn’t work out romantically. Here if you ever want to chat about life 💬😊
  2. Hope you and your loved ones are staying safe and healthy. You’ve been on my mind – sending positive energy your way 😷✨
  3. No pressure at all, but lmk if you want to try a friendly catch up sometime. I’m always here if you need anything 🤝😉
  4. Was organizing photos and found some great ones of us – brought a smile to my face. Hope you’re well! 😁👍
  5. Been thinking about our inside jokes – still makes me chuckle. Hope life is treating you kindly stranger 😂👋
  6. Wanted to let you know there are no hard feelings – I value our connection. Lmk if you ever want to meet for dinner😊🍽️
  7. I really appreciate our friendship and hope you know you always have my support. Here if you need anything! 🫂😌
  8. Came across our old notes – so many laughs and smiles. You’ll always hold a place in my heart. Take care! ✉️🥰
  9. Just sending positive vibes your way and hoping you find happiness. You deserve the very best ✨😊
  10. No pressure at all, but lmk if you want to grab a casual snack as friends. I’ve missed talking 🧀🥯
  11. Always here if you need an understanding ear. Wishing you all the best in your journey 💭😁
  12. Hoping life is treating you kindly. You made such a difference in my world – thank you 🍀🌎

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Things to Say to Your Ex Boyfriend That You Still Love

  1. 💔 I miss your hugs, kisses, laughs – everything about being with you.
  2. 🥺 My love for you has only grown stronger with time. You’re it for me.
  3. 😔 Coming home to you was my most favorite part of the day. I miss that.
  4. 😞 You’re irreplaceable to me. I want to make things right between us again.
  5. 💔 No one understands me like you do. I want that connection back in my life.
  6. 🥺 My feelings for you never went away like I thought they would. You’re The One.
  7. 😞 I still see a future with you. I want the chance to fight for us again.
  8. 😔 Breaking up was the biggest mistake of my life because I lost my best friend.
  9. 🥺 We’re supposed to be together forever. I want my other half back.
  10. 😞 You’re in my dreams every night and my heart every day. I still love you.
  11. 😔 You brought out the best in me even during hard times. Our love is special.
  12. 🥺 Being without you has showed me how empty my life feels. I need you back.
  13. 💔 No one has ever loved me as fully as you do. I miss that unconditional love.

A Message to My Ex Boyfriend That Will Make Him Cry

  1. 😞 I’m not the same without you. You’re my soulmate and I want another chance.
  2. 😔 Breaking up was the worst decision of my life. Losing you was a wake up call.
  3. 🥺 I can’t picture my future without you in it. You’re the one I’m meant to be with.
  4. 😞 My world lit up when we were together. I want to feel that again with you.
  5. 💔 You stole my heart from day one and still have it to this day. I love you.
  6. 😔 I realized too late that the grass isn’t greener without you. You’re perfect for me.
  7. 🥺 You’re my best friend and the love of my life. I made a mistake letting us go.
  8. 😞 I’m lost without you. We’re soulmates – please take me back, I love you.

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Sweet Things to Say to Your Ex Boyfriend to Get Him Back

  1. I miss your smile and the way you make me laugh. I hope we can talk again soon. 🙂😊
  2. I’ve been thinking about our good times together and feeling nostalgic. I hope you’re doing well. 😌😋
  3. It would be nice to catch up over coffee if you’re open to it. No pressure either way. ☕😏
  4. I came across an old photo of us and couldn’t help smiling at the memory. I’m still grateful for our time together. 🥰😍
  5. I know things didn’t work out romantically, but I value our friendship. Here if you ever want to meet for lunch ☺️🥗
  6. It feels weird not having you to chat with daily. I’m sending positive vibes and hoping you’re happy. 😇🌈
  7. No pressure at all, but lmk if you’re ever in the mood to grab a drink as friends. I’ve missed our conversations 🍸😁
  8. Been thinking a lot about how much fun we had traveling together. Hope you find yourself in nice places these days 🧳🌏
  9. Just wanted to say hey and hope you’re doing well. Let me know next time you’re around – first coffee’s on me! ☕😄
  10. Came across an old playlist of ours – brought back such good memories. You’ll always have a special place in my heart 🎶🥰

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