100+ Sad Emotional Friendship Quotes & Messages

Sad Emotional Friendship Quotes: Friends are precious. But life pulls us in different directions sometimes. Work, studies or travel take us far from dear friends we love spending time with. Distance creates loneliness when we can’t sit together sharing stories face to face.

Technology helps us stay connected when apart. Sending messages shows friends they are always in our thoughts. Reading sweet words from faraway friends lifts the heart.

This collection shares emotional messages for long-distance friends. Express feelings of missing them during special days or moments missing them most. Send by text, message or card. Post on social media with caring captions. Kind messages remind faraway friends of the friendship that extends beyond miles between.

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Long Distance Friendship Messages

  1. Wishing you were here to share this moment with me 😔📲just wanted to say hi and that I’m thinking of you! 💭
  2. Missing our laughs together 😂 distance is tough but our friendship is forever 💞
  3. Nothing feels the same without you around, I can’t wait for our next adventure 🙌
  4. Scrolling through old photos missing my best friend 📸💗
  5. You’re always with me in heart even when we’re miles apart 😇❤️
  6. I’m grateful for FaceTime & texting but nothing beats hanging out IRL 🤳
  7. This song reminded me of our friendship 🎶 missing you tons!
  8. I accidentally walked into your side of the coffee shop today 😅 distance is real but my love for you isn’t
  9. You’re the best texting buddy a gal could ask for 💌
  10. Thinking of our inside jokes and wishing you were here to laugh with me 😆
  11. Watching our favorite show just makes me think of movie nights with you 📺
  12. The small things remind me of you – saw someone with your laugh today 😂
  13. Can’t wait to smash that wine as soon as we’re reunited 🍷
  14. Scrolling through snaps from our last trip together missing the good times 👯‍♀️
  15. Wishing you a good morning with sunnshine and lots of love 🌞☀️❤️
  16. Sending virtual hugs until we can reunite for real ones 🤗
  17. Catching up on the phone just isn’t the same – I wish you were here! 📱
  18. Hope you’re having the best day, thinking of you from faraway 💭

Long-Distance Friendship Message for Her

  1. Goodnight dear friend, sweet dreams until tomorrow 💤
  2. Some people are worth melting for – missing my ice cream buddy! 🍦
  3. You’re the best friend a girl could ask for 👭
  4. Always in my heart no matter how many miles apart ❤️
  5. Can’t stop smiling thinking about our last adventure 😊
  6. Bursting with friend goodness, just waiting to give you a giant squeeze! 🤗
  7. Caught myself daydreaming about our future shenanigans 🤪
  8. Feels like forever since our late night giggles ✨
  9. Is it (insert day) yet? Missing my missing you buddy! 🤗
  10. You make my heart soar higher than any skyscraper we’ve conquered 🗼
  11. Today’s laughs brought you to mind – hope you’re smiling too 😁
  12. Wishing I could watch the world go by with you right now 🌎
  13. One day soon we’ll wander together once more 🗺
  14. I love our talks – you always understand me 💭
  15. Hoping your day is as kind as you are! ☺️

Long Distance Friendship Instagram Captions

  1. Home is where the heart is and mine is with you always ❤️
  2. Thinking of adventures ahead and grateful for the memories we’ve made 💕
  3. Soaking up the sun and wishing you were here to share the warmth 🌞
  4. Hope your day is filled with joy – you deserve the best 🥰
  5. Laughter lives in my memories of us 😆
  6. Each new dawn I hope will bring us closer to meeting again 🌅
  7. My favorite days are the ones I spend alongside you 🥳
  8. If smiles were milestones, I’d be grinning from ear to ear 😁
  9. You’re my rainbow after every storm 🌈
  10. Some people sing to birds, but you’re my favorite ballad 🎶
  11. More than you know, you lift my spirit 🕊
  12. You rocked into my world like a glitter tornado 🌪️
  13. Not a day goes by without thinking of your loveliness 💕
  14. My feet may wander but my heart beats only for you 💗
  15. Your light warms me like sunshine through the trees 🌲
  16. Smile and wave, I’m sending you best feelings today 👋🏻❤️
  17. A perfect day is yet to come, but having you makes every day fun 😄

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Missing You Long Distance Friendship Message

  1. Miss chatting with you every day 🙂 Can’t wait for our next catch up! How’s everything going over there? Thinking of you (insert name) <3
  2. Just wanted to send you a quick message to say hey! And that I’m missing hanging out with you (= Hope all is well. Talk soon!
  3. Hope you’re having an amazing day wherever you are 🙂 Wanted to drop you a line and say you’re in my thoughts and I’m looking forward to our next fun adventure together ^_^
  4. Uggghhh distance is the worst! Missing having you around to share the little things with >.< But staying positive that we’ll be together again before we know it ^_^
  5. Scrolling through old photos reminded me how much I miss your face (=’.’=) Distance really puts things into perspective – you’re one of my favorite people! Hope all is well 🙂
  6. Even though we’re apart, our friendship feels as close as ever <3 Was thinking about you today and how much fun we have together 🙂 Can’t wait for our next catch up!
  7. Just popping in to say hi and that I’m missing my friend! (= Hope you’re living it up wherever you are. Adventures to come, yeah? Take care xo
  8. Ugghh it’s not the same without you around >.< I MISS YOU!! How’s the week treating you so far? Lots of love and hoping to see you soon 🙂
  9. Scrolling through our messages has me feeling super nostalgic (T▽T) Wishing we could hang out again soon! Hope you’re living your best life wherever you are 🙂
  10. Catching up on all your adventures through photos – living vicariously through you! (--“) Can’t wait for summer vacay plans, feels like an eternity away (><) Miss you tons!
  11. Distance makes the heart grow fonder, or some saying like that ^_^ Just wanted to send a quick message and say I’m thinking of you! Hopefully see you again before the year ends ^0^
  12. Wishing you were here for our usual adventures (╥_╥) But also sending prayers for your new chapter – you’ll smash it as always! Miss our chats, talk soon xx
  13. Thinking of you today and all the fun memories we’ve made together (^_-)-☆ keeping positive we’ll get to make many more! How’s life? Missing my friend <3
  14. Distance makes it tough but friendship makes it easy peasy (^3^) Hope you’re having an awesome week so far. Chat soon, miss you heaps!
  15. We may be apart but you’re never not in my heart (≧◡≦) ♡ Miss adventuring with my bestie – hoping to see you before too long!

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