100+ Have a Nice Vacation Wishes and Messages

Have a Nice Vacation Wishes: Travel far, travel wide, and travel often. Live life with no excuses and travel with no regrets.” – Oscar Wilde

Taking time off or vacationing is an excellent way to step out of our comfort zone and explore nature’s offerings. Whether it’s visiting relatives in another state or camping, vacations are adventures that breed excitement and enthrallment.

Are you in search of the perfect words to convey your well wishes to someone embarking on a vacation? We’ve collected over 100 “enjoy your vacation” messages to help you express your excitement and send warm wishes their way. Let’s start right away.

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Have a Nice Vacation Wishes

  1. Enjoy the sun, sand and fun! 🏖️☀️ Have an amazing trip filled with wonderful memories. Bon voyage!
  2. Wishing you the most relaxing vacation. 🏝️👙 Kick back and recharge – you deserve it! Bon voyage!
  3. Travel safe but have lots of adventures! 🚙🌎 Explore to your heart’s content and come back refreshed. Have an amazing trip!
  4. Bon voyage and happy exploring! 🛫🌍 Go see amazing sights and soak up new cultures. Wishing you smooth travels.
  5. Wishing you the best getaway ever! 🛳️🌴 Make memories to last a lifetime. Come home rejuvenated and peaceful.
  6. Have an incredible, rejuvenating trip! 🧳🌴 Relax, enjoy each moment and come back feeling reenergized. Travel safe!
  7. Wishing you sun, fun and relaxation galore! 🏖️😎 Rest up but make memories to treasure. Enjoy every moment of your trip!
  8. Travel safe but have the best adventure! 🚙🌍 See wonderful sights, try rich cuisine and gather sweet stories. Bon voyage!
  9. Relax and recharge to your heart’s content! 🏝️🌊 Enjoy the change of scenery and down time. Come home relaxed and inspired.
  10. Wishing you smooth travels and beautiful escapes! 🛳️🌇 Make lasting memories in breathtaking locales. Bon voyage and come home rejuvenated!
  11. Wishing you the most magical trip ever! 🚅🌆 See amazing sights, meet wonderful people. Travel safe and have so much fun!
  12. Bon voyage and happy exploring, friend! 🌎🧭 Wander far but come home sharing your sweet stories and photos. Have an amazing trip!
  13. Wishing you the best getaway and safe travels! 🧳🌄 Unplug, relax and come back recharged and bursting with wonderful memories to share.
  14. Bon voyage and happy wandering, explorer! 🌍🗺️ Get lost in new lands but be safe in your nomadic ventures. Journey well and return home revitalized.
  15. Enjoy your trip to the fullest, my friend! 🧳🌦️Make each moment magical – you deserve total R&R. Come home energized and inspired.
  16. Wishing you smooth travels and sweet escapes! 🚤🌇 Relax, unwind and return home feeling like a new you. Travel safe and have a wonderful trip!
  17. Have an amazing, recharging adventure, friend! 🚙🌄 Travel safe but make cherished memories. Bon voyage – see you when you’re home and rested!
  18. Enjoy your trip to the utmost, lovely friend! 🍹🌴Fill your soul with sweet moments away. Wishing you safe travels and restoration galore!
  19. Wishing you the very best getaway ever! 🌅🌴Travel light and come back bursting with joy. Bon voyage and bon retour!
  20. Have a wonderful trip filled with bliss, my dear! 🧳🌅 Travel safe and let your spirit roam free. Wishing you so much fun, relaxation and rejuvenation!

Enjoy Your Vacation Wishes

  1. Wishing you sun, sand and beautiful escapes 🌞🏖️ Have the most relaxing trip unwinding nature’s magic.
  2. Bon voyage and happy exploring, curious soul! 🛫🌍 Wander with wonder and return home sharing sweet stories.
  3. Bonjour! Enjoy la belle vie through rich culture 🍷🥖 Explore new lands and flavors with an open heart.
  4. Cheers to warm sun and rest, sweet friend! 🥂☀️Pause to absorb life’s simple pleasures far from routine.
  5. Sending wishes for smooth sailing ahead 🚣‍♀️🏝️ Embrace the healing waves and return home feeling reborn.
  6. Wishing dreams as sweet as sun-warmed sand 🌅🏖️ Relax mind, body and spirit soaking up nature’s medicine.
  7. Wishing adventures as bright as tropical blooms 🌺🌴 Come home sharing stories of wonder for armchair travelers.
  8. May your days be as bright and lively as the sea 🌊🌞 Recharge to your soul’s delight diving into life’s simplest pleasures.
  9. Wishing laughter as refreshing as ocean air 💙⛵ Calm peace of mind and return home filled with Aloha spirit.
  10. Here’s hoping for escapes as bright as Caribbean skies 🌴🌅 Rejuvenate far from routine under sun-kissed palm vistas.
  11. Sending wishes for relaxation that stimulates 🏝️🧠 Unplug and rewire through quiet simplicity far from chaos.
  12. May your soul find sanctuary by ocean’s call 🌊🏖️ Unwind to the healing song of waves lapping golden shores.
  13. Wishing serenity as soothing as island nights 🌙🏝 Slow your world and reset the pace far from hustle.
  14. Enjoy sweet wanderings through Europe’s charm 🇫🇷🇮🇹 Widen your world by cultural immersion with an open heart.
  15. Vive la vie! Bon voyage and happy trails, friend 🚜🏞️ Journey lightly through rustic vistas with wonder in your eyes.
  16. May mountain air lift your soul sky-high 🗻💨 Trek to high altitudes where troubles fall far below your feet.

Vacation Wishes for Friends

  1. Here’s hoping for views as sweeping as Asia’s rice 🏯🦋 Widen perspective absorbing ageless wonders of far-flung lands.
  2. Enjoy encounters as enchanting as African sun 🌞🦏 Meet kindred spirits far from home and return feeling united.
  3. Wishing replenishment as rejuvenating as jungle greenery 🌱🐆 Recharge through quiet simplicity in nature’s vibrant pharmacy.
  4. May your world widen through South America’s heart 💃🎉 Dance to a different beat absorbing new cultural flavors.
  5. Wishing days as bright as golden Australian beaches 🌞🏖️ Slow your pace far from home, revive refreshed as seas sing.
  6. May your spirit delight in Midwest’s downhome 🍿⚾ Slow down to life’s simple pleasures felt far from busy places.
  7. Cheers to sweet repose by lakeside’s soothing call 🌊🗾 Unwind to rippling waters lapping shores for reflection’s gifts.
  8. Wishing calm as refreshing as redwood cathedral 🌲🌾 Reset under towering sentinels where troubles fall far below.
  9. Sending hopes of bliss as cozy as New England 🍁🏡Cosy slow living joys far from urban hurry and its noises.
  10. May Idaho’s majestic vistas lift your soul 🏔️🦌 Roam wild untamed natural splendor where human ways feel small.
  11. Hope days refresh like High Plains air so blue 💙🐴 Roam vast horizons where big skies dwarf little things down below.
  12. Wishing serenity as calming as deep South drawl 🍹🦩 Absorb slow living coastal charms far from frantic daily duties.

Vacation Wishes to Boss

  1. Wishing sights as awe-inspiring as Rocky grandeur 🗻🌄 Marvel where alpine majesty elevates your worldly view.
  2. May your world widen through Hawaiian lei aloha 😌🌺 Absorb life’s simple pleasures through new cultural flavors.
  3. Enjoy charm as sweet as Vermont’s autumn chill 🍂🧡 Revel in rustic New England rhythms’ embrace far from routine.
  4. Here’s hoping sights stir your soul like Northwest coast 🏞️🌲 Marvel timeless shorelines lapped by Pacific’s rhythmic song.
  5. Cheers to bliss as rejuvenating as red desert tranquility 🌵😴 Unplug under vast big sky vistas where worries fade far below.
  6. Wishing calm through prairie nights so starlit bright 🌠🌾 Absorb night skies’ serenity in rustic surroundings so sublime.
  7. May your travels nourish as native wilds do, my friend🌿🐦 Journey lightly through places you’ve never yet walked before.
  8. Revel in Mexico’s cultural warmth and cheer! 🌮🎉 Absorb new flavors, perspectives through locals’ generous spirit.
  9. Wish bright sights to lift your soul across Canadaland 🍁🌨️ Roam where wilderness meets culture, marvel at mix so appealing.
  10. Enjoy stories as rich as the lands you traverse 🌎😄 Return home bursting with wondrous tales to share with armchair companions.
  11. May this time away renew as sea winds do, wanderer 🧭🌊 Unplug from routine’s grasp, return home feeling freshly vibrant.
  12. Cheers to wonderings that feed the soul and eyes 🍾🌄 Discover new landscapes nestled in familiar old landscapes.
  13. Sending hopes of bliss far from workaday hubbub 🏞️🦆 Absorb sylvan sanctuary’s peace where all feels fresh and calm.
  14. May your days spark like coastal night skies, friend 🌠🌊 Revel in simple living pleasures between horizons near and far.

Have a Nice Vacation Wishes

  1. Enjoy escapes as restorative as redwood shade 🌲😌 Unplug from life’s humdrum beneath towering pillars so sublime.
  2. Here’s to repose down country lanes deep in soul 🛣️🍂Connect with roots strolling rustic rhythms free from turmoil.
  3. Relish adventures that nourish your sojourner’s spirit 🍄🌿 Unplug from concrete labyrinths within nature’s healing balms.
  4. May your ramblings feed nomad threads in your soul 🦘🤠 Roam where scenery fills your heart and simple living is the tempo.
  5. Wishing bliss fresh as dawns where mountains meet sea🌄🌊 Breathe deep, unwind slow where wild waves embrace stony shores.
  6. Enjoy stories rich as lands crossed on your trek🕊️🌎Absorb cultural flavors, scenery feeding eyes, heart and soul.
  7. May simple escapes lighten your world, kindred soul 🌲☮️Unplug from pressures finding solace within sylvan sanctuaries.
  8. Cheers to repose your spirit surely deserves, wanderer🏖️🧳Calm your restless mind amid shorelines lapping turquoise tides.
  9. Wishing calm as settling where palm fronds kiss breeze🌴💨Unwind far from rat race lulls where only waves provide the soundtrack.
  10. Revel slow where vineyards abide, friend!🍷🇫🇷Absorb Continental charm away from rushing daily demands.

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Have a Safe Trip and Enjoy Your Vacation

  1. May your ramblings nourish as nature always will 🐦🌳Roam far from hurly-burly finding solace in rustic surroundings.
  2. Here’s hoping escapes inspire as rivers continue to🌊👣Wander lightly through familiar lands feeling fresh perspective dawning.
  3. Wishing calm as mountain vistas fill your mind’s eye🏔️✨Unplug from stresses finding solace in sweeping high alpine scenery.
  4. Enjoy adventures rich as far-flung locales provide🗻🍷Roam globally absorbing cultural flavors beyond comfort zones.
  5. May escapes reawaken your spirit as they nourish soul🦮🌇Roam scenic byways awake to life’s simple beauty far from rat race.
  6. Sending wishes your journey feeds inner nomad’s call🛶🌴Roam tropic shores and islands absorbing island living’s languid charms.
  7. Revel in nature’s medicine as seasons change, wanderer🍁🍂Roam through rustic rhythms following nature’s cues not concrete calendars.
  8. Wishing calm as river reaches lapping shores give, voyager🌊🛶Unplug within scenes that soothe your mind and stir your wanderer spirit within.

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