75+ Good Night Paragraph for Her with Emojis

Goodnight Paragraph for Her: Ending the day with loving words before sleep is sweet. To the special girl, a thoughtful goodnight paragraph means a lot.

Your feelings in a meaningful message helps nurture the bond you share. Below are nice goodnight words you can use. Pick ones that suit how you feel and send to her from your heart.

Quality time spent together and caring when apart strengthens what you have. These goodnight notes wish her peaceful dreams while apart. But in spirit you remain close.

Taking a moment to put feelings into writing shows how much she means. May these sample messages give you words that help your care reach her as day ends and tranquil rest begins until tomorrow brings you together once more.

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Goodnight Paragraph for Her

  1. As the sun sets on this beautiful day, know that you’ll be in my dreams tonight. Sweet dreams dear 💭
  2. May you find comfort and peace in your slumber. Know that you’re so very cherished. Sleep well, my love 😴
  3. Today was brighter because you were in it. I send you all my warmth and care as you drift off. Night night ✨
  4. I hope your rest is soft and your heart is full of joy. You are so special to me – see you in dreamland! 💤
  5. May your sleep be serene as moon and stars above keep watch over you. All my love goodnight 🌙
  6. Wherever the day may lead us apart, know that in spirit you’re kept close to my heart. Sleep well, beautiful soul 🌙
  7. As you slumber, let my thoughts be your gentle lullaby. Sweet dreams, you make each day brighter 💗
  8. Though we’re apart tonight, know you fill my heart with joy. Sleep tight, beautiful girl 😴
  9. You took my breath away again today with your light. Have peaceful dreams and I’ll catch you tomorrow! 🥰
  10. You light up my world with your smile and grace. Wishing you a cozy sleep, dreaming of your sweet face 💕
  11. Closing my eyes, I’ll send you all my warmth and care. Sleep soundly beloved, see you in my morning prayer 🙏
  12. May your rest be soft as your beautiful soul within. Sleep well dear heart, I’ll be dreaming of you again tonight 🌙
  13. No matter how far away, my heart stays close to yours. Sweetest of dreams, let them lift your sweet spirit soaring 🦉
  14. Your smile filled my day with light – may peaceful rest lift your soul even higher tonight. Sleep well dear 💤
  15. Wrapped in moonlight’s soft glow, let your dreams be filled with joy. Sweet dreams love, see you at dawn with light’s first glow 🌅
  16. As day dies down and shadows fill the night, know my heart remains linked with yours until morning light. Sleep well ✨
  17. No matter the miles between us, we stay soul to soul entwined. Sleep soundly lovely one, in dreams let our bond shine 🌙
  18. Sleep now with moon’s soft song, your beauty’s what lights up my dawn. Sweetest of dreams beautiful girl, I’ll be holding you in my heart 💕

GN Paragraphs for Her

  1. As evening’s song lulls you to rest, know my heart rests closer to yours. Sweet dreams, lovely one 🌙
  2. May your slumber lift your spirit and set your soul singing. Pleasant dreams, you brighten my world 🌈
  3. Though apart our bodies be, in my heart a place for you will always keep. Goodnight, dear heart ❤️
  4. Wherever this life may lead me from here, you’ll stay tucked in my soul, always near. Sleep well, sweet friend 🌠
  5. Let rest wash through you like a wave, renewal and peace its gift. Sleep well my light, see you with dawn’s first rays 🌅
  6. Your smile is the sunshine that keeps my world bright. Pleasant dreams, you fill my each day with delight. 😴
  7. As starlight keeps watch from on high, know my thoughts stay wrapped in care around you till by and by. Sweetest of nights 🌟
  8. May your slumber hold solace and balm, as heavens watch soft over you, keeping you from all harm. Goodnight dear one 🌙
  9. Know that as shadows deepen the night, my heart stays linked with yours till morning light. Sleep well, beloved ✨
  10. Let your rest lift your spirit and strengthen your glow, you brighten each day so wherever we go. Sweet dreams 🌙

Good Night Paragraph for Crush

  1. As the sun sets on this day, I can’t wait to dream of your smiling face. Sweet dreams! ✨
  2. May your rest be as soothing as your presence is to me. Sleep well and dream of wherever your heart desires. 💭
  3. With the moon as our witness, I send my heart soaring to your side. Sweetest of nights 🌙
  4. Wherever this day may have led us apart, know in spirit I remain close at heart. Pleasant slumber ❤️
  5. Closing my eyes I’ll send hopes that your rest comes easy and light. Until the morn, goodnight 🌙
  6. Your smile filled my day with joy, in dreams may your soul know peace sans all annoy. Sweetest repose 😴
  7. As shadows deepen the night, know you’ll stay wrapped in my thoughts till light. Pleasant visions ✨
  8. Though distances may keep us apart for now, you’ll rest in my heart wherever you go. Goodnight! 🌙
  9. Angels above, keep this sweet soul that I care for, til dawn comes anew once more. Rest well bright one 🌠
  10. Closing your eyes let your soul soar to joy wherever dreams may lead you tonight. Peaceful slumber 💤
  11. May your rest leave you fresh and smiling by light’s rising glow, as always you brightly shine so wherever you may go. Sweetest night beautiful 🌙

IK Your Sleeping Paragraphs for Her

  1. I know your eyes are closed, but in spirit I’m by your side. Sleep well my darling, sweet dreams 💤
  2. The moon watches over you as you rest, just as my heart does too. Sleep well precious one, see you in my dreams 🌙
  3. I picture your lovely face as you sleep so peacefully. Even asleep you fill my heart with joy, sleep well beautiful soul ✨
  4. Though your eyes are shut, your smile lights up my heart. Have wonderfully vivid dreams my love, see you when you awake 😴
  5. I know your resting mind and body need respite. In your slumber may your soul feel renewed and replenished 🧘‍♀️
  6. As you softly sleep I send you all my care and affection. Sweetest of dreams, I’ll be thinking of you till we’re together again soon 🌙
  7. Your gentle breathing and peaceful face ease my soul. Sleep well dear one, tomorrow a new day we will share 🥰
  8. Though I can’t hold you as you sleep, you hold my heart. Pleasant visions, see you when light breaks anew 🌅
  9. Closing your eyes you found solace at last. May your rest give strength and joy, like you always do. Sleep well 💕
  10. Even as you slumber, your light warms my world. Sweetest of dreams, I’ll be counting the hours till I see your smile ☺️
  11. May your rest be healing and help ease your day’s cares. Sweetest of nights beautiful girl, see you in a few short hours 😘
  12. Wrapped in moonlight’s soft glow, your beauty shines true. Pleasant dreams precious one, you are so very dear to me 🌠
  13. Rest knows your soul needs respite from day’s wings. Sleep deeply dear heart and rise with light’s sweet songs 🎶
  14. May your rest replenish each ounce of your glow, for in your spirit light pours wherever you go. Sweetest night lovely one 🌙

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Good Night Paragraph for Her Copy and Paste

  1. I know you’re fast asleep right now, but I can’t help but think about how peaceful you look. Sweet dreams, my love 🌙💤
  2. You’re probably dreaming away, but I just wanted to say goodnight. I hope your dreams are as beautiful as you are 😴✨
  3. While you rest, my heart is right there with you. Sleep tight, and I can’t wait to see you in the morning 💖🌌
  4. I know you’re sleeping, but I couldn’t resist sending you a little goodnight kiss. Sweet dreams, beautiful 😘💤
  5. Even though you’re asleep, my thoughts are with you. May your dreams be filled with love and joy 💤❤️
  6. As you drift off into dreamland, know that I’m thinking of you. Sleep well, my darling, and wake up refreshed 🌙💕
  7. I know you’re resting, and I hope your dreams are as sweet as your smile. Goodnight, my love, until we meet again in the morning 🌟😴
  8. While you sleep, my heart feels at peace knowing you’re resting well. Sweet dreams, my dear, and I’ll see you soon 💖🌠
  9. You’re probably dreaming right now, but I just wanted to remind you how much you mean to me. Sleep tight, my love 😘💤
  10. Sweet dreams, beautiful. I know you’re asleep, but I couldn’t resist sending you all my love for the night 🌙❤️
  11. As you sleep, may your dreams be filled with happiness and love. Goodnight, my darling, and wake up to a wonderful day 🌌💕
  12. I know you’re sleeping, but I wanted to tell you that you’re always in my heart. Sweet dreams, my love, and see you in the morning 🌙😴

Good Night Paragraph for Her in Spanish

  1. Querida, espero que duermas como un ángel esta noche. 😇 Que descanses bien y sueñes con cosas bonitas. 💭 Te envío un cálido abrazo y mis mejores deseos. 🤗 Buenas noches, cariño.
  2. Mi amor, que pases una noche tranquila y llena de paz. 🕊️ Espero que al despertar te sientas reconfortada y con energía. 😴😁 Recuerda lo mucho que te quiero. Buenas noches, mi vida. 💕
  3. Mi cielo, que la luna y las estrellas te acompañen mientras duermes. 💫🌙 Espero que tengas dulces sueños que te hagan sonreír. 😴😄 Se que el nuevo día traerá más momentos felices a tu lado. Buenas noches, mi amada. 🤍
  4. Cariño, que cierres los ojitos y te entregues al mundo de los sueños sin preocupaciones. 😌 Espero que despiertes sintiéndote plena y tranquila. 😴 Ojalá las horas pasen rápido para verte de nuevo pronto. Buenas noches, mi vida. 🌙
  5. Mi sol, te envío un fuerte abrazo a la distancia para darte calor. 🤗 Ojalá te cobijen ángeles mientras duermes en paz. 👼 Descansa y recarga tus baterías para un nuevo día juntos. Buenas noches, amor. 💕
  6. Amor de mi vida, que duermas como un bebé esta noche. 👶 Espero que solo tengas lindos sueños que te hagan sonreír dormida. 😪 Me haces mucha falta. Hasta mañana, preciosa. 🤍
  7. Cielo, que el canto de las cigarras te meza hasta los sueños más bonitos. 🦗 Espero que amanezcas descansada y llena de energía. 😴 Pronto nos daremos los buenos días. Cuídate, mi vida. 😘
  8. Mi reina, ojalá Morfeo te sorprenda con las fantasías más divertidas. 🧚‍♂️🧞‍♂️ Descansa plácidamente saber que estaré esperando verte de nuevo. Buenas noches, cariño. 💕
  9. Amor, envío estrellas fugaces para que pidas deseos bonitos. 🌠 Que la noche te cargue de paz y no faltan las sábanas tibias. 😴💤 Te mando un abrazo hasta mañana, mi vida.
  10. Princesa, que el silencio de la noche te cubra con su manto. 🦉 Espero que solo recuerdes lo mucho que te quiero. Buenas noches, preciosa. Hasta la mañana. 😘
  11. Cielo, que el calor de las sábanas te proteja de cualquier frio. 😴 Espero verte pronto en ensueños y en la realidad. Descansa mucho, mi vida. Buenas noches. 💕
  12. Mi amor, tus guardianes de luz te cuiden mientras duermes feliz 👼. Deseo verte sonreír entre sueños descansados. 😴 Dulces sueños, tesoro. Buenas noches, cariño.
  13. Mi reina, que caigas en los brazos de Morfeo despacito. 😴 Ojalá despiertes llena de ilusiones. Te envío un cálido abrazo, buenas noches mi vida.

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Good Night Paragraphs for Her to Make Her Cry

  1. As the sun paints the sky a beautiful shade of orange, I’m filled with gratitude for another day together. Sweet dreams, my love ❤️
  2. Though we’re apart tonight, you’ll be in my heart as I drift off to sleep. I hope your dreams are as sweet as you are. Goodnight 🌙
  3. Wherever this crazy world may take us tomorrow, just know that you’ll always have a piece of my heart. Sweet dreams, beautiful 💕
  4. The moon smiles down as it watches over you. I smile too, thinking of your face as you rest. Sleep well, my darling 🌝
  5. As day fades to dusk, I send you all my warmth and care. May your rest be touched by heaven’s light. Goodnight, precious one 🌙
  6. Simply knowing that you’ll be in my tomorrows gives me peace to sleep tonight. Sweet dreams, love of my life 💗
  7. May your slumber take you to joyous places and bring you rest. You are so loved – goodnight! 😴
  8. Though far apart our bodies be, in dreams and heart our souls keep company. Sleep well, my light 🌠
  9. Each star that gleams, each new moon beam will keep your light safe in my dreams. Sleep well, dear one 🌙
  10. I hope your rest is wrapped in care, for in your soul such beauty dwells. Goodnight, sweet girl ✨

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