125+ Good Evening Messages, Wishes & Quotes

Good Evening Messages: The evening brings an end to another day and signals the start of relaxation time. Sending a caring good evening message to someone special is a thoughtful way to wind down the day. Here are over 125 good evening messages, wishes and quotes you can use to brighten someone’s night:

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Good Evening Messages for Her

  1. 🥰 Good evening beautiful, hoping your day was as wonderful as you are. Sweet dreams gorgeous girl, see you tomorrow 😘
  2. 💗 Hey love, just wanted to say goodnight. Thank you for making each day brighter, you’re the best part. Sleep well cutie pie 🥧
  3. 😍 Good evening gorgeous! Dream of something exciting tonight, like our next adventure together 🤩 Sweet dreams my angel 👼
  4. 🥰 It’s been a pleasure making more happy memories with you today. Now get some well deserved rest beautiful. Goodnight darling, muah! 😘
  5. 💗 Hey sunshine 🌞 thank you for lighting up my day with your smile. Sweet dreams love bug 🐞 I’ll be thinking of you! 💭
  6. 😍 Good evening cutie, hope your day was amazing. Thanks for putting a permanent smile on my face 😁 Sleep well honey bunny 🐰
  7. 🥰 It’s been a joy having you by my side sweetpea 🌱 Goodnight my world, see you bright and early 🌞 rest well angel face! 👼
  8. 💗 Hoping you have the sweetest of dreams gorgeous girl 💤 Sweet dreams cookie dough 🍪 I love you so much! 🥰
  9. 😍 Goodnight babycakes 🧁 thank you for making each moment a joy. Sleep well precious peaches 🍑 dreaming of your smiling face 😊
  10. 🥰 Goodnight pumpkin pie 🥧 thank you for being the light of my life. Sweet dreams cutie patootie 🥰 see you bright and early love bug 🐞
  11. 💗 Hey buttercup 🌼 what an amazing day it’s been with you. Sweet dreams boo boo bear 🐻 sleep tight darling dove 🕊
  12. 😍 Goodnight cupcake 🧁 hope you have wonderfully vivid dreams. Thanks for being my stars on dark days 🌌 sleep well sugarplum 🍬
  13. 🥰 It’s been stellar spending the day with you peanut butter 🥜 Goodnight jelly bean 🍬 sweet dreams darling dumpling 🥟
  14. 💗 Goodnight cutie patootie 🥰 you make each moment a delight. Sweet dreams pudding pop 🍮 thanks for your sweetness always 🍭
  15. 😍 Goodnight chipmunk cheeks 🐿 you light up my world with joy. Sweet dreams sugar puff 🍬 rest well rainbow bright 🌈
  16. 🥰 Goodnight sugar spice 🍬 everything nice today was because of you! Sweet dreams snickerdoodle 🍪 love you with all my heart 💓
  17. 💗 Goodnight pumpkin spice latte 🎃 thanks for warming my soul with your smile. Sweet dreams cookie monster 🍪 you’re simply the sweetest! 💖
  18. 😍 Goodnight cutie pie 🥧 your charm leaves me over the moon 🌙 Sweet dreams marshmallow 🍬 rest well jelly bean 🥰
  19. 🥰 Goodnight marshmallow 🍡 you spread delight wherever you go. Sweet dreams sugar plum 🍬 wishing you only sweet dreams 💭
  20. 💗 Goodnight muffin 🧁 you are my favorite part of each day. Sweet dreams dumpling 🥟 rest well pumpkin spice 🌻
  21. 😍 Goodnight blossom 💐 I cherish every moment with you. Sweet dreams snuggle bunny 🐰 sleep tight sugar dumpling 🥟
  22. 🥰 Goodnight darling ☺️ you fill my heart with joy each day. Sweet dreams lemon meringue pie 🥧 rest well gumdrop 🍭
  23. 💗 Goodnight my sunshine ☀️ you light up the dark in my world. Sweet dreams gummi bear 🐻 sleep well cotton candy 🌀
  24. 😍 Goodnight my starlight ✨ you shine brighter than anyone. Sweet dreams angel face 👼 rest well sugar cookie 🍪
  25. 🥰 Goodnight cuppycake 🧁 may your slumber be sweet. Sweet dreams marshmallow fluff 🤍 sleep well gummy worm 🐛
  26. 💗 Goodnight peaches and cream 🍮 thank you for your sweetness always. Sweet dreams jelly belly 🥟 rest well sugar pie 🥧
  27. 😍 Goodnight blueberry muffin 🥯 you make every day supreme. Sweet dreams gumdrop 🍭 sleep well candy apple 🍎
  28. 🥰 Goodnight sugar babe 🍭 you make my heart oh so glad. Sweet dreams firecracker 🔥 rest well caramel delight 🍬
  29. 💗 Goodnight donut 🍩 miss your shining face already. Sweet dreams sugar plum fairy 🧚‍♀️ sleep tight chocolate chip cookie 🍪
  30. 😍 Goodnight cutie patootie 🥰 my world lights up because of you. Sweet dreams sugar rush 🍬 rest well sparkle queen 👑
  31. 🥰 Goodnight licorice twist 🍬 you are the best the best. Sweet dreams vanilla wafer 🥧 sleep well starburst 🌟
  32. 💗 Goodnight caramel swirl 🍫 thanks for always filling my days with sweetness. Sweet dreams snickerdoodle 🍪 rest well lollipop 🍭
  33. 😍 Goodnight honey pie 🥧 I cherish each moment with you. Sweet dreams cinnamon roll 🥐 sleep well cotton candy cloud 🌩️
  34. 🥰 Goodnight sugar plum 🍬 you’re the light of my life. Sweet dreams bonbon 🍬 rest well jellybean 🍬
  35. 💗 Goodnight cutie patootie 🥰 my world lights up because of you. Sweet dreams rainbow sherbet 🍧 sleep tight sweet tart 🍬

Emotional Good Evening Messages

  1. 💗 I’m so glad I got to see your beautiful face today. Wishing you the sweetest of dreams my love. Talk tomorrow 🥰
  2. 🥰 What an amazing day it’s been by your side. Now get some rest lovely, you deserve it. Sweet dreams darling 😘
  3. 💖 Thank you for another day of joy and laughter. I’ll be dreaming of your smile tonight, sleep well 🌙
  4. 🥺 I miss you already! Thanks for a perfect day. Close your eyes now, I’ll be thinking of you always ❤️
  5. 😢 Parting is sweet sorrow but I take comfort knowing your heart is mine. Sleep well my angel, see you soon xoxo
  6. 🥲 Today was truly magical because of you. Now fly off to fanciful dreamland princess 👸
  7. 💕 You are my sunshine, even in slumber your light warms me. Goodnight beloved, may your rest be peaceful 🥰
  8. 😭 I can’t wait to see your beautiful face again come morn. For now, sleep tight dear one, dreaming of you too! 😴
  9. 💜 Don’t let the bed bugs bite – if they do, bite them back! I love you to the moon darling. Sweetest dreams 🌛
  10. 😍 Savor your rest my love, you deserve it after brightening my world today. See you in my dreams, goodnight! 💤
  11. 🥰 Closing my eyes, I see your lovely smile. Now close yours too honey, dream of what tomorrow may bring 🌈
  12. 💘 Thank you for the happiest of days, and for choosing me. Now fly off to slumber land my dove, I’ll hold you in my heart 🕊️
  13. 😔 Today was hard but having you by my side made it better. Now rest up buttercup, brighter skies await 🌤️
  14. 💙 I can’t wait to wake tomorrow and bask in your radiance again. For now, close your pretty eyes sweet pea 🌸
  15. 😓 Today has drained me completely, but you remain my strength. Dream of happier things now sunshine 🌞
  16. 💚 Sleep now my angel, let your mind journey to joyous places. I’ll be right here when you wake, holding your hand 🤝
  17. 💜 What an amazing soul you are, lighting my whole world with your glow. Bonne nuit mon amour 🌙
  18. 🥺 I cherish you always my darling. Now and forever yours in dreams as in life. Sweet slumber, see you at dawn 🌅

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Good Evening Love Message to Make Her Smile

  1. 🥰 Good evening beautiful, hope you’re having the best day. Can’t wait to see your gorgeous smiling face again soon! Dream of adventure ⛰️
  2. 😍 Just wanted to say hi gorgeous and that I’m thinking of you. Thanks for always putting that perfect smile on my face 😊 Sweet dreams love bug 😘
  3. 💗 Hey cutie, hope your evening is as amazing as you are. Thank you for brightening up each of my days with your shining light 🌟 Enjoy your dreams darling! 💕
  4. 😘 Good evening my sunshine 🌞 thank you for lighting up my world with your warm smile. I’ll be dreaming of your cute laugh tonight, sleep well angel 👼
  5. 🥰 Hey darling, hope you’re having the best night! I’ll be thinking of your beautiful smile as I drift off to dreamland 💭 Sweet dreams boo 🥰
  6. 💓 Just wanting to say goodnight to my favorite person and that I can’t wait to see your smiling face again tomorrow 🌝 Sleep well gorgeous girl ✨
  7. 😍 It’s been the highlight of my day making memories with you beautiful. Now fly off to dreamland cutie patootie 😍 Sweetest of dreams sugar 🌛
  8. 🥰 Hey cutie pie, thanks for always keeping a smile on my face 😊 Hope you sleep like a peach tonight babe! Sweet dreams honey bunny 🥧
  9. 💗 Wanted to say goodnight to my gorgeous girl and that I hope you have wonderfully vivid dreams 💭 Thanks for always filling my heart with joy cutie, sleep well! 😘
  10. 😘 Just thinking about your perfect smile as the sun sets darling. Now close those pretty eyes and float off to dreamland buttercup 🌼 Sleep well precious 🥰
  11. 🥰 Hey sweet cheeks, hope your evening is as amazing as you are! I’ll be dreaming of your cute laugh and smile, sleep well cupcake ❤️
  12. 💓 Goodnight beautiful, dreaming of our next adventure together! Have the sweetest of dreams my angel 💕 I love you so much, see you tomorrow 😘
  13. 😍 Hey pumpkin, hope you’re having the best night 🌙 thanks for making each day so bright! I’ll be thinking of your beautiful smile, sweet dreams love bug 🐞
  14. 🥰 Goodnight darling, hope you drift off to wonderful dreamland 💭 thank you for lighting up my world with your radiant glow! Sleep well cutie patootie 🥰
  15. 💘 Just wanted to wish my amazing girl the happiest of dreams! Thank you for always keeping a smile on my face 😊 float off to paradise honey bun 🌈
  16. 😘 Goodnight beautiful, thanks for being the best part of my day 🌅 sending cuddles and kisses, dream sweet princess 👸 have a lovely rest!
  17. 🥰 Hey gorgeous, you make my heart so happy 😊 hoping your night is magical like your charming self! Dream of all things wonderful darling, sweetest dreams 💭
  18. 💗 Goodnight my sunshine 🌞 hope you drift off with a smile on your cute face! Will be thinking of you always precious, rest well 🌙
  19. 😍 Just wanted to say sleep well beautiful and that you are truly perfection😇 thanks for lighting up my world with your radiance, sleep well cherub 👼
  20. 🥰 Hey cupcake, dreaming of our next adventure 🤩 hope you sleep like an angel tonight cutie! Sweetest of dreams, see you tomorrow gorgeous girl 😘
  21. 💓 Wishing my best girl the sweetest of slumbers 💤 thank you for always keeping me smiling darling! Dream of all things bright and beautiful, goodnight 🌙

Good Evening Message for a Friend

  1. Good evening, friend! 👋 I hope your day was amazing.
  2. Hey there! 😊 I’m so glad we got to talk today. Have a wonderful night.
  3. Top o’ the evening to ya! 🍀 Thanks for always being there for me. Chat soon!
  4. Good evening, pal! 🤝 Can’t wait to catch up on our adventures tomorrow.
  5. Hey you! 😎 Thanks for putting a smile on my face today. Sweet dreams!
  6. Good evening, sunshine 🌞 I’m so grateful for our friendship. See you later!
  7. Time for bed, buddy! 💤 Hope you have pleasant dreams. Talk tomorrow.
  8. Evening, pal o’ mine 👯‍♂️ Today was better because of you. Sleep well!
  9. Heya friend! 👋🏻 Thanks for the laughs today. Rest well and dream of our next fun time together!
  10. Good evening, roomie! 😴 Hope you have a cozy night. Dream of all the fun weekends to come. 🥳
  11. Top of the evening, bestie! 🙌 I’m so lucky to have you in my life. Sleep tight!
  12. Hey favorite friend 🥰 Thanks for always being there for me. Sweet dreams!
  13. Good evening, light of my life 🌟 You brighten my world everyday. Sweet slumber! 💤
  14. Nighty night, pal 💤 I’m grateful for your friendship. See you on the flip side!
  15. Hey friend ❤️ Today was brighter because of you. Pleasant dreams!
  16. Good evening, starshine ✨ Dream of all our future adventures! Zzz…
  17. Time for bed, buddy 🌛 Sweet dreams and see you tomorrow! 🤗

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Romantic Good Evening Messages for Her

  1. Good evening, my love 🥰 I hope your day was as wonderful as you are. Sleep well and dream of me! 😘
  2. Hey beautiful 🌹 Thank you for filling my day with smiles. Sweet dreams, I’ll be thinking of you 🌙
  3. Top of the evening, darling 😍 Today was perfect because I got to spend it with you. Sleep tight, dream happily ❤️
  4. Good evening, angel 👼🏼 Thank you for your light and love. I hope you drift to sleep with a smile. Sweetest of dreams! 🥰
  5. Hey gorgeous 🔥 Thank you for always warming my day with your fire. drift to sleep cozy tonight, I’ll see you in my dreams 💭
  6. Top of the evening, sunshine ☀️ You light up my life, thank you for your warmth and brightness. Sleep well honeybee, see you tomorrow 🌸
  7. Good evening, starlight ✨ You shine so bright, even in the dark of night. Sweetest of dreams, see you in the sky 🌌
  8. Hey beautiful soulmate 🤗 Thank you for loving me each and every day. Sleep tight, dream of our love. 💕
  9. Top of the evening, my everything ❤️ Our love lifts me higher each moment, sleep well and see you in the morning glow. 🥰
  10. Good evening, love of mine 😍 I cherish each day we share. Sleep well and dream lovely, beauty sleep for my beauty! 💋
  11. Hey sweet pea 🥺 You are so very dear. Sleep well and see you with the dawn’s light. 💕
  12. Top of the evening, heart’s home 🏡 I’m so grateful to love you and call you mine. Sweetest of dreams! 🥰
  13. Good evening, partner in crime 😈 Thank you for your lighthearted antics today. Sleep well my partner, dream of mischief! 😏
  14. Hey angel face 👼🏻 You are an absolute dream. Rest well, see you in my dreams. 💭
  15. Top of the evening, my queen 👸🏼 You reign so gracefully, even as you sleep. Sweet slumber to you, my everything. 🤴🏻👸🏼
  16. Good evening, my soulmate and best friend 🤍 I cherish you endlessly. Pleasant dreams, see you in the morning! 🌞
  17. Hey lover 🥰💋 Thank you for a wonderful day together. Sleep well, dream of me till we’re together again. 😴
  18. Top of the evening, now you rest 💤 Sweet dreams and see you in paradise. I love you eternal. 💕
  19. Good evening, you make my world light up 🌎 Sweetest dreams, you. 🥰

Good Evening Message for My Love

  1. Good evening, my sunshine 🌞 Always brightening my day with your smile. Sweet dreams! 😘
  2. Hey beautiful 😍 Thanks for another amazing day together. Sleep well, dream of me! 💤
  3. Top of the evening, angel 👼 You light up my life in every way. Pleasant slumbers, see you in my dreams 💭
  4. Good evening, lovebug 🐞 Today was perfect because of you. Now rest well, my darling dove 🕊️
  5. Hey sunshine 🌞 Our day may be done but your light still glows within. Sleep tight! 😘
  6. Top of the evening, darling 💕 I’m so lucky to call you mine. Sweetest of sleeps, you are all I see in dreams 💤
  7. Good evening, honeybee 🐝 Thanks for filling my day with such sweetness. Dream of me til I see you soon! 😘
  8. Hey cutie pie 🥧 I hope your day was as yummy as you are. Sweet slumber, babe 😴
  9. Top of the evening, partner 🤝 Today was better because we did it together. Pleasant dreams, see you tomorrow! 🌞
  10. Good evening, rainbow 🌈 You light up my sky with vibrant colors. Sleep well, color my dreams too 💭
  11. Hey starshine ✨ Thank you for your illuminating glow. Sweetest of dreams, outshine the stars tonight! 💫
  12. Top of the evening, soulmate 👭 Today is done but our love has just begun. Sleep tight, dream of me always ❤️
  13. Good evening, moonbeam 🌙 Your soft light guides me throughout the night. Slumber well & may your glow light my dreams 💭
  14. Hey gorgeous 😍 I’m so lucky to love you each day. Sweetest dreams, see you in paradise 😘
  15. Top of the evening, my heart 💗 You feel my love with every beat. Now rest your soul, dream love’s song 🥰
  16. Good night, my everything ❤️ Thank you for another day together. Sweetest sleep, you are all I think of! 😍
  17. Hey angel eyes 👀 Can’t wait to gaze into your beauty again. Sweetest of dreams, you shine brightest in mine 💭
  18. Top of the evening, beautiful soul 😇 Thank you for the gift of knowing you. Pleasant slumbers, dream eternal light 🌠
  19. Sleep well, dear love 💕 Our day is done but our love has only begun. Sweetest of dreams, see you in paradise! 😘
  20. Good evening, my heart’s home 🏡 I’m so grateful to love you. Now sleep, dream love’s comfort till I see you again 🥰

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